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Transcript - Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News AM Agenda - Tuesday 18 August 2016

17 Aug 2016








 Election to Parliament; GST; Census; Banking Royal Commission.

Kieran Gilbert: I’m joined now by the Shadow Assistant Minister for Resources and Innovation, Tim Hammond.


Tim Hammond thank for your time, congratulations:


Tim Hammond, SHADOW ASSISTANT MINISTER FOR RESOURCES: Thank Kieran great to be here.


Gilbert: The seat of Perth has had obviously Stephen Smith, Alannah MacTiernan, some big shoes to follow in that particular electorate.


Hammond: Some very big shoes to follow and I've had terrific support from both Stephen and Alannah during the course of the campaign and we intend continue as we've begun which is rolling the sleeves and making sure the people of Perth are served very well just in the same vein as Stephen and also with Alannah.


Gilbert: The Prime Minister at the weekend seems to extend the olive branch to WA particularly through talking about the floor on the GST share, coming into the WA election as well that's something that's going to be well received I would have thought.


Hammond: Well Kieran, there's a lot of noise that's been created by the recent visit by the Prime Minister, but peeling it back let’s look and see what it really means.


Firstly, Malcolm Turnbull's got form when it comes to the GST issue, the last thought bubble on this matter was to raise the GST. Secondly, there is so little information around what the plan actually is from Malcolm Turnbull that it really is difficult when you step back to express a view either way and thirdly to the extent that there is any commentary in relation to what’s been put forward on the weekend it would appear that its so far in the future that western Australians are unlikely to get any real benefit from any proposal that might actually come to pass.


Gilbert: So he's talking about something that might happen when the WA share rises inevitably anyway, is that the view? So no one really missed out in terms of the other states either?


Hammond: Well there's so much uncertainty around what it actually means it's really difficult to know. All we can glean is that to the extent that anything actually lands from this announcement, it's likely to be well after this issue has passed for Western Australia.


Gilbert: Now you've arrived in Parliament today for the induction, but obviously you would have been well aware of the debacle around the census last week and again as the Shadow Assistant Minister for the Digital Economy, it's interesting today to see IBM very much in the frame for what’s been described as an embarrassing flaw in the system that was put in place by IBM, contracted by the ABS.


Hammond: Kieran its incredibly disappointing that a week on from Census night and a night that was supposed to go smoothly, we are still dealing with the fallout. It does set us back in relation to confidence in the community, particularly in relation to the essential critical space of the digital economy and where we go with digital innovation and how it all grows. What is incredibly disappointing is that there still doesn't seem to be any ownership over what's happened at all.


Gilbert: Ownership to the extent that there is a review underway, that those who are responsible will be held accountable. Isn't that fair enough?


Hammond: Well when does that all actually stop? What we have now is ongoing uncertainty for those people who are just trying to the right thing which is log on on Census night and fill out their information accordingly.


Gilbert: You heard what the Minister said before the break in relation to the banks, that this is just populism from Labor, that what the Government's about is actually keeping the banks accountable and via the House Economics Committee that is a regular way that they are going to be doing that.


Hammond: Look I just don't accept that approach at all and certainly in the course of the Federal Campaign it was loud and clear that mums and dads in the community do not have the confidence in the banking sector at the moment to ensure that they are getting the best deal out of the large banks. In our view the only way to shine the light on that is a Royal Commission and it's also something that's getting traction on the other side of the fence.


Gilbert: There are a few sympathetic ears to that, hard to see anyone really crossing the floor, certainly early in the Parliamentary term for supporting a motion that Labor is apparently planning when Parliament returns in a couple of weeks isn't that just a stunt?


Hammond: Well that's a matter for them, we've always maintained the view that a Royal Commission makes sense and that it is the best way to deliver confidence to the sector where mum and dads feel as if they are actually getting a fair deal.


Gilbert: Tim Hammond, the new Member for Perth we will talk to you hopefully many times over the next parliamentary term, appreciate it and congratulations once again on the win.


Hammond: Thanks so much Kieran, looking forward to it.



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